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A collection ofdependency-free React hooks

Carefully developed React hooks that you can copy and paste into your projects.

Develop faster

React hooks to build your application in no time

Available in TypeScript and JavaScript
It does not matter what language you use to build your project. We give you both alternatives.
Zero dependencies
No more deprecated or unmaintained dependencies in your React hooks.
Just copy and paste
Simply copy the code and paste it into your project.
Add hooks via CLI
Use Nova.js CLI to add hooks directly from your terminal.
No configurations
Start using the hooks immediately without any setup or configuration required.
Compatible with all versions of React
Most of the hooks are compatible with React version 16.8.

New React hooks every week

We have 30+ React hooks with more coming

React hook to delay the execution of function or state update.

React hook to detect if it is the first render of a component.

React hook to share content through the browser.

React hook to track the previous value of a variable.

React hook to monitor whether a referenced element is visible on the screen.

Proudly open source

Our source code is available on GitHub

Add your own React hooks
Enrich our collection by contributing your own custom React hooks.
Improve existing React hooks
Elevate the quality of our collection by collaborating to enhance the existing React hooks.