Getting started with Nova.js

Nova.js is a collection of dependency-free React hooks where you do not have to install anything. Simply copy the code in TypeScript or JavaScript and paste it into your project.

Step 1: Choose your hook

Navigate to the Nova.js hooks page to explore the available hooks. Each hook comes with a description, code in both TypeScript and JavaScript, requirements, parameters, return values, an example and use cases.

Step 2: Copy the code

Once you've found the desired Nova.js hook, click on the hook's page to access the code snippet. Copy the code in either TypeScript or JavaScript, depending on your project's requirements.

Step 3: Paste into your project

Open your React project and paste the copied code directly into your project.

That's it! You can now leverage the power of Nova.js hooks in your React project without the need for additional installations or dependencies. Happy coding!