Nova.js CLI


A CLI to add hooks to your React project.

Use the add command to add hooks to your project.

npx @novajslabs/cli add [hook]

If you omit the hook name you will be presented with a list of hooks to choose from:

Which hooks would you like to add? » Space to select. A to toggle all. Enter to submit.
( )   useAudio
( )   useBattery
( )   useClipboard
( )   useCountdown
( )   useCountup
( )   useDebounce
( )   useDownload
( )   useFavicon
( )   useFetch


Usage: @novajslabs/cli add [options] [hooks...]

add a hook to your project

  hooks              the hooks to add

  -o, --overwrite    overwrite existing files
  -a, --all          add all available hooks (default: false)
  -p, --path [path]  the path to add the hook to
  -t, --typescript   add hook in typescript
  -h, --help         display help for command